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WoW Inscription leveling guide

The Inscription leveling guide is updated to for WoW patch 5.4 and it will be of big help for you to level up your profession starting from 1 to 600, the guide’s main focus is to show you how to level the Inscription profession, if you are looking for more detailed information about Inscription, read the Inscription guide.
Best is to combine the Inscription with Herbalism, check out the Herbalism levelling guide if you want to level Herbalism.
You can use Milling to mill 5 herbs for 2-4 pigments.
Ivory Ink/Moonglow Ink from Alabaster Pigment-Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot
Midnight Ink from Dusky Pigment / Verdant Pigment-Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp
Lion’s Ink-Golden Pigment / Burnt Pigment from Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot
Jadefire Ink-Emerald Pigment / Indigo Pigment from Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar’s Whiskers, Dragon’s Teeth
Celestial Ink-Violet Pigment / Ruby Pigment from Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas’Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood
Shimmering Ink-Silvery Pigment / Sapphire Pigment from Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Sorrowmoss, Icecap
Ethereal Ink-Nether Pigment / Ebon Pigment from Felweed, Ragveil,Terocone, Ancient Lichen, Nightmare Vine, Netherbloom, Mana Thistle, Dreaming Glory
Ink of Sea-Azure Pigment / Icy Pigment from Icethorn, Lichbloom, Fire Leaf, Fire Seed, Tiger Lily, Adder’s Tongue, Deadnettle, Goldclover, Talandra’s Rose
Blackfallow Ink-Ashen Pigment / Burning Embers from Azshara’s Veil, Cinderbloom, Deathspore Pod, Heartblossom, Stormvine, Twilight Jasmine, Whiptail
Ink of Dreams-Shadow Pigment / Misty Pigment from Green Tea Leaf, Rain Poppy, Silkweed, Snow Lily, Fool’s Cap
If you are milling your own herbs, you should buy only Cinderbloom and Stormvine first because those can can be milled at skill 425. Skill 450 also allows Azshara’s Veil and Heartblossom to be milled and you will be able to mill Twilight Jasmine and Whiptail at 475.
Inscription guide sections:
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 75-125
Expert 125-200
Artisan 200-290
Master 290-350
Grand Master 350-425
Illustrious 425-500
Zen 500-600
Approximate Materials Required for 1-600 :
Don’t mill every herb, you shall use less than these. Mill them only if you need more pigment.
110 Alabaster Pigment giving herbs
70 Dusky Pigment giving herbs
170 Golden Pigment giving herbs
170 Emerald Pigment giving herbs
160 Violet Pigment giving herbs
80 Silvery Pigment giving herbs
160 Nether Pigment giving herbs
400 Azure Pigment giving herbs
140 Ashen Pigment giving herbs
320 Shadow Pigment giving herbs
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Inscription Leveling Guide 1-75
You can select to do any orange recipes and requires the same number of materials. There are many other Glyphs and Scroll that you can choose from.
Start by visiting the Inscription trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth and learn Inscription.
Note that 1 Ink of Dreams can be exchanged for any Ink at Ink traders! You can level up Inscription by using only Ink of Dreams if it is cheaper than the lower level herbs. Using Ink of Dreams is also a lot faster.
Light Parchment is not listed in the guide at the recipes. You can usually buy it from the vendor, check around your trainer.
18 Ivory Ink from 18 Alabaster Pigment
16 Scroll of Stamina from 16 Ivory Ink
22 Moonglow Ink from 44 Alabaster Pigment
22 Enchanting Vellum from 22 Moonglow Ink
Visit you trainer and learn Inscription Journeyman.
21 Midnight Ink from 42 Dusky Pigment
Aim to make always orange glyphs. In some cases Glyphs turn yellow after one craft, in other 2 or 3 crafts, so pay attention to this. Each orange Glyph will give you 3 skill-up points.
Make any Glyph that is orange to you.
7 Glyph of…. from 21 Midnight Ink
40 Lion’s Ink from 80 Golden Pigment
Make any orange Glyph if you did not reach 105 by making these.
7 Glyph of … from 21 Lion’s Ink
Learn Inscription Expert.
Turn your Burnt Pigments into Dawnstar Ink. If you didn’t mill your own herbs and you don’t have Burnt Pigment, you shall make some Glyph which shall be orange.
6 Glyph of … from 18 Lion’s Ink
Make only 1 Book of Survival. You could also create a few Strange Tarrot and a few yellow Glyphs until you get to 150 if you don’t have 5 Dawnstar Ink.
39 Jadefire Ink from 78 Emerald Pigment
7 Glyph of … from 21 Jadefire Ink
5 Royal Ink from 5 Indigo Pigment
Make Glyphs if you don’t have Indigo Pigment, or you didn’t get any skill point from making Royal Ink.
6 Glyph of … from 18 Jadefire Ink
Make 1 Tome of Kings, or a some Arcane Tarrot and a few Glyphs until you get to 200 if you don’t have any Royal Ink.
Learn Inscription Artisan.
39 Celestial Ink from 78 Violet Pigment
7 Glyph of … from 21 Celestial Ink
5 Fiery Ink from 5 Ruby Pigment
228- 246
6 Glyph of … from 18 Celestial Ink
1 Book of Stars-5 Fiery Ink
24 Shimmering Ink from 48 Silvery Pigment
8 Glyph of … from 24 Shimmering Ink
8 Ink of Sky from 8 Sapphire Pigment
In case you don’t have 8 Sapphire Pigment, make Glyphs.
1 Stormbound Tome from 8 Ink of the Sky
Make Glyphs if you don’t have Ink of the Sky.
Learn Inscription Master.
48 Ethereal Ink from 96 Nether Pigment
7 Glyph of … from 21 Ethereal Ink
6 Darkflame Ink from 6 Ebon Pigment
1 Book of Clever Tricks from 6 Darkflame Ink
6 Glyph of … from 18 Ethereal Ink
Learn Inscription Grand Master.
100 Ink of Sea from 200 Azure Pigment
Make any orange Glyph which requires 3 Etheral Inks to make.
6 Glyph of… from 18 Ink of the Sea
Snowfall Ink from Icy Pigment
Now it is good to use all the rare pigment available. Keep the extra Snowfall Ink for Northrend Inscription Research. To learn most “Northrend” glyphs, you will have to do research.
Very important is to stop making this recipe at 379! Make any orange Glyph if you don’t have Icy Pigment.
2 Glyph of… from 6 Ink of the Sea
1 Northrend Inscription Research from 3 Ink of the Sea, Snowfall Ink
15 Any Discovered Major Glyph from 45 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Stamina VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Spirit VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Intellect VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Stength VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Agility VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
Visit your trainer and learn Inscription Illustrious.
30 Blackfallow Ink from 60 Ashen Pigment
5 Scroll of Intellect IX from 5 Blackfallow Ink
10 Mysterious Fortune Card from 10 Blackfallow Ink
5 Scroll of Stamina IX from 5 Blackfallow Ink
2 Glyph of Colossus Smash from 6 Blackfallow Ink
4 Scroll of Agility IX from 4 Blackfallow Ink
Turn all your Burning Embers into Inferno Ink. If you don’t have any Burning Ember, just Dust of Disappearance up to 480.
Go to Vashj’ir-Kelp’thar Forest. Kill mobs there until you get Technique: Origami Slime. The drop rate is good, quite high. The recipe will be green, but it needs only Light Parchment to make, which you can buy from Inscription supply vendors. In case you don’t want to farm this technique, you can make the recipe below, or any Monk Glyph that is orange to you.
15 Dust of Disappearance from 15 Blackfallow Ink.
Go to Deepholm and kill these mobs until you get Technique: Origami Rock
The drop rate is good, but if you are not in a mood, you can make orange Monk glyps. Beter do the Origami because it’s really cheap to make.
Visit your trainer and learn Zen Inscription.
54 Ink of Dreams from 108 Shadow Pigment
You have to turn all your Misty Pigment into Starlight Ink.
There is a good chance that you can reach even 545 by making the Inks, after that stop making them and only make more if you need them.
1 Scroll of Wisdom from 3 Ink of Dreams
While making a Scroll of Wisdom, you will find out a new Glyph recipe.
18 make you glyphs that you discovered while making Scroll of Wisdow from 54 Ink of Dreams
From 36 Glyphs, you can discover a some that you can need different ink for. In case you discover some of these and you already got Ink of Dreams, in that case you can trade Ink of Dreams for any ink at Ink traders!
Should your main goal be to get any of the epic Insciption items like Inscribed Serpent Staff, you can than stop making the Gylphs at 560 because you will reach 600 by making the materials for the epic items. (like 20 Scroll of Wisdow). Good to know the staffs alone will gibe you 30 more skill points if you decide to make them.
Good to make any shoulder enchant 3 times and you shall reach level 600.

Good luck and I hope you find this Engineering levelling guide helpful!

WoW Engineering Leveling Guide 1 - 600

Are you intending to level up Engineering, we will help you do this fast and easy from level 1 to 600. The Engineering Levelling Guide is updated for patch 5.4
The best is to combine Engineering with Mining, this will save you a lot of gold, if you level Engineering with Mining. Buying everything from the Auction House can be very expensive, so really it is better to level together engineering with Mining. If you decide to do that, check out the Mining levelling guide. Of course the fastest way to level Engineering is to buy everything from the Auction House.
Engineering guide sections:
Apprentice 1-50
Journeyman 50-132
Expert 132-205
Artisan 205-280
Master 280-350
Grand Master 350-425
Illustrious 425-550
Zen 500-600
Approximate Materials Required for 1-600:
60 Rough Stone, 36 Copper Bar, 20 Coarse Stone, 20 Linen Cloth, 95 Bronze Bar-48 Copper Bar + 48 Tin Bar, 4 Moss Agate, 30 Heavy Stone, 60 Wool Cloth, 15 Medium Leather, 4 Steel Bar, 120 Solid Stone, 161 Mithril Bar, 20 Mageweave Cloth,40 Dense Stone, 189 Thorium Bar, 21 Runecloth, 45 Fel Iron Bar, 24 Mote of Earth, 12 Mote of Fire, 40 Adamantite Bar, 30 Netherweave Cloth, 210 Cobalt Bar, 8 Frostweave Cloth, 20 Crystallized Water, 10 Crystallized Earth, 35 Tinker’s Kit-You can buy these from Engineering supply vendors near your trainer, 85 Obsidium Bar, 4 Alicite, 52 Volatile Earth, 30 Volatile Air, 76 Elementium Bar, 20 Embersilk Cloth, 85 Windwool Cloth,
90 Ghost Iron Bar, 1 Spirit of Harmony, Make sure you got around 4 more Spirit of Harmony or 300 Ghost Iron Bar.
It is up to you which items you make. It is difficult to lost the exact materials that you will need because you can choose different recipes to do, it is your choice.
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Mining Leveling Guide 1-600.
Engineering Leveling Guide 1-50
Now it is time for you to go to your trainer and to learn Apprentice Engineering.
In case you have a Gnome character you better visit the special Engineering leveling guide for Gnomes instead of this one.
Loo around your trainer and find the Blacksmith supply vendor, you will have to buy a Blacksmith Hammer.
60 Rough Blasting Powder from 60 Rough Stone
You could reach 40 with this recipe. You will need the 60 Rough Blasting Powder later, keep them, you will have to use them.
30 Handful of Copper Bolts from 30 Copper Bar
You will need around 30 of these later.
Again time to visit your trainer, and learn Journeyman Engineering.
30 Rough Copper Bomb from 60 Rough Blasting Powder, 30 Handful of Copper Bolts
Make your Arclight Spanner between 50-70 and keep it because you will need it later.
20 Coarse Blasting Powder from 20 Coarse Stone
You will need 20 of these later.
20 Coarse Dynamite from 20 Coarse Blasting Powder, 20 Linen Cloth
8 Clockwork Box from 24 Bronze Bar
Use the boxes you make. You will get one extra skill point per craft.
4 Bronze Tube from 8 Bronze Bar
4 Standard Scope from 4 Bronze Tube, 4 Moss Agate
Visit your trainer, and learn Expert Engineering.
30 Heavy Blasting Powder from 30 Heavy Stone
15 Whirring Bronze Gizmo from 30 Bronze Bar, 15 Wool Cloth
You will need 30 Heavy Blasting Powder and 15 Whirring Bronze Gizmo later, and if you make these you should reach 150 skill point.
15 Bronze Framework from 30 Bronze Bar, 15 Medium Leather, 15 Wool Cloth
If you make these now, you can get a lot further- probably towards 160, then stop making these and only make more when you’ll need them. You will have to keep these too.
15 Explosive Sheep from 30 Heavy Blasting Powder, 15 Whirring Bronze Gizmo, 15 Bronze Framework, 30 Wool Cloth
1 Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor from 4 Steel Bar
60 Solid Blasting Powder from 120 Solid Stone
Save these because you will need them later.
7 Mithril Tubes from 21 Mithril Bar
Stop making these when you reach 200.
Visit your trainer and learn Artisan Engineering.
Once you get to level 200 you will have the option to choose one of the following specializations in Gnomish or Goblin Engineering. You can get all the quests that you need from the Engineering trainer. The difference is location of their teleports and the ability of their trinkets. Some items require a specific specialization to use, while other items are crafted by one specialization but are usable by any engineer. Luckily, many of the recipes usually crafted by one of the Specializations can be used by any of them.
20 Unstable Triggers from 20 Mithril Bar, 20 Mageweave Cloth, 20 Solid Blasting Powder
Save these.
40 Mithril Casings from 120 Mithril Bar
Save these.
20 Hi-Explosive Bomb from 40 Mithril Casings, 20 Unstable Trigger, 40 Solid Blasting Powder
20 Dense Blasting Powder from 40 Dense Stone
You might need to make more than 20 to reach 260.
21 Thorium Widget from 63 Thorium Bar, 21 Runecloth
Visit your trainer, and learn Master Engineering.
21 Thorium Tube from 126 Thorium Bar
In case you don’t reach 320 by making the below recipes, you will still be able to go to the next step, but then you will also need to make a few more Fel Iron Bolts and the other materials. Best will be to make the recipes follwoing the order below.
30 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts from 30 Fel Iron Bar
12 4 Elemental Blasting Powder from 24 Mote of Earth, 12 Mote of Fire
5 Fel Iron Casing from 15 Fel Iron Bar
Save everything.
5 Fel Iron Bombs from 5 Fel Iron Casing, 10 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 5 Elemental Blasting Powder
You probably will need to make more than 5 of these if you could not get enough skill points.
10 Adamantite Grenade 40 Adamantite Bar, 10 Elemental Blasting Powder, 20 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
30 White Smoke Flare from 30 Netherweave Cloth, 30 Elemental Blasting Powder
Recipe location
Visit your trainer and learn Grand Master Engineering.
From here you will need approximately 40 Handful of Cobalt Bolts and 20 Volatile Blasting Trigger later. It is better to make these now, and you should reach 375 or most probably more. It is good to note that when you craft Handful of Cobalt Bolts you can get 1 or 3 bolts, it is the same case with the Volatile Blasting Trigger, you will get 2 Volatile Blasting Trigger each craft.
30 1-3 Handful of Cobalt Bolts from 60 Cobalt Bar
10 2 Volatile Blasting Trigger from 30 Cobalt Bar, 10 Crystallized Water
Keep these.
10 Overcharged Capacitor from 40 Cobalt Bar, 10 Crystallized Earth
Keep these too, you will need them. Make any tinker recipe if you didn’t reach 385 by making these.
6 Explosive Decoy from 6 Frostweave Cloth, 18 Volatile Blasting Trigger
10 Froststeel Tube from 80 Cobalt Bar, 10 Crystallized Water
Keep these, you will need them later.
10 Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket from 10 Tinker’s Kit
If you have an enchant on your gloves you will be able to make any other tinker recipe. Buy the Tinker’s Kit from the Engineering supply vendor look around your trainer.
10 Nitro Boosts from 10 Tinker’s Kit
15 Mind Amplification Dish from 15 Tinker’s Kit
5 Noise Machine from 10 Froststeel Tube, 10 Overcharged Capacitor, 40 Handful of Cobalt Bolts
Visit your trainer and learn Illustrious Engineering.
20 2-4 Handful of Obsidium Bolts from 40 Obsidium Bar
Save these, you might need to make more of these later on.
1 Electrostatic Condenser from 4 Obsidium Bar, 6 Obsidium Bolts, 4 Volatile Earth
15 2-3 Electrified Ether from 30 Volatile Air
Keep these.
2 R19 Threatfinder from 12 Obsidium Bars, 4 Alicite, 12 Obsidium Bolts
2 Safety Catch Removal Kit from 20 Obsidium bars, 20 Obsidium Bolts
1 High-Powered Bolt Gun from 10 Obsidium Bars, 8 Obsidium Bolts, 4 Electrified Ether
4 Elementium Toolbox from 60 Elementium Bar, 48 Volatile Earth
You can also make Lure Master Tackle Box up to 490 if you want to.
1 Elementium Dragonling from 2 Obsidium Bolts, 8 Electrified Ether, 16 Elementium Bar, 20 Embersilk Cloth
You can gain +5 skill points by completing a single quest at the Darkmoon Faire, so check your in-game Calendar.
Visit your trainer and learn Zen Engineering.
Make all of these now, you will have to use them later. You might even need to make more of these, but this is about the minimum that is needed to reach 580.
25 Ghost Iron Bolts from 75 Ghost Iron Bar
15 High-Explosive Gunpowder from 15 Ghost Iron Bar
Make a few G91 Landshark if you didn’t reach 550.
4 Tinker’s Kit from 8 High-Explosive Gunpowder, 8 Ghost Iron Bolts, 8 Windwool Cloth
Do not make these after you reach level 554.
5 Ghost Iron Dragonling from 20 High-Explosive Gunpowder, 40 Ghost Iron Bolts, 60 Windwool Cloth
1 Tinker’s Kit from 2 High-Explosive Gunpowder, 2 Ghost Iron Bolts, 2 Windwool Cloth
If you prioritaze time, you better make Thermal Anvil until you get to 595. You will probably have to make 22 to 24 of these just to get these 15 skill points and it will cost you around 300 Ghost Iron Bar or 600 Ghost Iron Ore. If you decide to do this slowly, you can farm Spirit of Harmony and make whatever rare item you can craft, most of these items will give you 5 skill points.
10 Motes of Harmony will give you Spirit of Harmony by combining. Motes are easily dropped by every mob in Pandaria, even in dungeons. However it is quite low drop rate, so it may take you long time, could be probably 2 hours for 10 motes.
Good to make the items below:
1 Mist-Piercing Goggles from 8 Ghost Iron Bolts, 2 Spirit of Harmony
2 Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom from 36 Ghost Iron Bolts, 4 Primordial Ruby, 2 Spirit of Harmony.
But of course you can make any item that you want.
Now you have to pick any recipe that will give you 5 skill point.
1 Mist-Piercing Goggles from 8 Ghost Iron Bolts, 2 Spirit of Harmony
1 Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom from 18 Ghost Iron Bolts, 2 Primordial Ruby, 1 Spirit of Harmony.

Good luck and I hope you find this Engineering levelling guide helpful!

WoW Blacksmithing Leveling Guide

The WOW Blacksmithing profession leveling guide for Pandaria is updated for patch 5.4 and it will show you easy and fast way to level your Blacksmithing skills from 1 to 600. It can also be used as wow blacksmitting guide for Cataclysm 1-525 and older versions like 4.3.4. and 3.3.5 for example with minor changes. It can be also adapted for leveling skills 1-450.
The best combination for Blacksmithing is with Mining and it will be best to level Mining and Blacksmithing in MoP at the same time, as you will need a lot of gold if you want to buy everything from Auction House. It is helpful to check out the Mining leveling guide if you want to level Mining as well.
The benefits of the most of the crafting trades usually only show at the end, and it takes a lot of efforts to get there. And if you do not have a good supply of materials, this leveling will get you spend a lot of gold.
You can combine more guides together, like leveling guide or gold making guide if you want to speed up your levelling.
WOW Blacksmithing guide MoP levels:
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 75-125
Expert 125-200
Artisan 200-300
Master 300-350
Grand Master 350-425
Illustrious 425-500
Zen 500-600
Materials that you will need in order to level from 1 to 600:
Important! In case you don’t have mining and you have to buy all the blacksmitting supplies for WoW from the Auction House, you will only have to buy 210 Copper Bars, 230 Iron Bars, and you don’t have to buy the Tin Bars.
Copper and Tin are used for making Bronze Bars, and the Iron is used for making the Steel Bars but you can only craft them if you have mining.

You can find blacksmithing supplies for sale in all the major cities, like Shattrath, Orgrimmar, Stomrwind.

133 Rough Stone, 285 Copper Bar-save 75 for making Bronze Bar, 80 Coarse Stone, 7 Silver Bar, 75 Tin Bar, 150 Bronze Bar-75 Tin Bar + the 75 Copper Bar you saved from before, 105 Heavy Stone, 280 Iron Bar-save 50, to be used in making Steel Bar, 50 Steel Bar-50 Iron Bar + 50 Coal. You can buy Coal at Blacksmithing Supply vendors, 20 Solid Stone, 150 Mageweave Cloth, 320 Mithril Bar, 20 Dense Stone, 660 Thorium Bar, 80 Rugged Leather or 10 Star Ruby, 57 Fel Iron Bar, 10 Netherweave Cloth, 85 Adamantite Bar, 320 Cobalt Bar, 240 Saronite Bar, 5 Titanium Bar, 156 Obsidium Bar, 84 Elementium Bar, 54 Volatile Earth, 8 Volatile Fire, 218 Ghost Iron Bar, 1 Spirit of Harmony

Blacksmithing WoW Leveling Guide MoP 1-75
Start by visiting Blacksmithing trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth and learn Apprentice Blacksmithing.
If you want to farm your own Copper Ore, visit the Copper Ore farming guide.
33 Rough Sharpening Stones from 33 Rough Stone
50 Rough Grinding Stones from 100 Rough Stone
Keep these.
10 Copper Chain Belt from 60 Copper Bar
Visit trainer and learn Blacksmithing Journeyman.
40 Coarse Grinding Stones from 80 Coarse Stones
Save the Coarse Grinding Stones and if you have a lot more Coarse Stone or it is really cheap, then you should make this up to 100 and you can skip the next step.
In case you could not reach 90 skill points by making these, you can still go to the next step, but you will have to supply yourself with a few more Copper Bars, or just continue making a few more Coarse Grinding Stones.
10 Runed Copper Belt from 100 Copper Bar
7 Silver Skeleton Key from 7 Silver Bar, 14 Rough Grinding Stone
You can also skip this part and just make Runed Copper Belt if you don’t have any Silver Bar.
5 Runed Copper Belt from 50 Copper Bar
You will need Tin Ore to make Bronze Bar, visit the Tin Ore farming guide if you want to farm the ores.
15 Rough Bronze Shoulders from 75 Bronze Bar, 15 Coarse Grinding Stones
Go visit your trainer and learn Blacksmithing Expert.
35 Heavy Grinding Stone from 105 Heavy Stone
Keep the Heavy Grinding Stones. Make this one up to 150 if Heavy Stone is cheap.
5 Rough Bronze Shoulders from 25 Bronze Bar, 5 Coarse Grinding Stone
10 Patterned Bronze Bracers from 50 Bronze Bar, 20 Coarse Grinding Stone
In case you can get you can get cheap Gold Bar, make Golden Skeleton Key from 150 to 160 .
Visit the Iron Ore farming guide if you want to farm your own ores.
10 Green Iron Leggings from 80 Iron Bar, 10 Heavy Grinding Stone, 10 Green Dye
Green Dye is sold by Tailoring and Leather working supply vendors.
25 Green Iron Bracers from 150 Iron Bar, 25 Green Dye
10 Golden Scale Bracers from 50 Steel Bar, 20 Heavy Grinding Stone
Learn Blacksmithing Artisan. Check out the Mithril Ore farming guide.
20 Solid Sharpening Stone from 20 Solid Stone
15 Heavy Mithril Gauntlet from 90 Mithril Bar and 60 Mageweave Cloth
10 Mithril Scale Bracers from 80 Mithril Bar
Find this recipe sold by the NPCs. Count around 30 minutes re-spawn rate for Mithril Scale Bracers recipe, this means you have to wait a bit if someone bought it before you. Make Mithril Scale Pants if you do not want to wait for the recipe to re-spawn or check the Auction House and look for Plans: Heavy Mithril Pants
Go check the Auction House, if you can get the Mithril Spurs recipe and it’s not that expensive, buy it and make those until 255.
15 Mithril Coif from 150 Mithril Bar, 90 Mageweave Cloth
20 Dense Sharpening Stones-20 Dense Stone
Visit the Thorium Ore farming guide if you need places for farming Thorium.
15 Thorium Bracers from 120 Thorium Bar
15 Imperial Plate Bracers 180 Thorium Bar
Choose any from the recipes listed below. You will need 12 Thorium Bar for each one, the difference is only that you will need 1 Star Ruby for the Helm and 8 Rugged Leather for the Boots.
10 Thorium Boots from 120 Thorium Bar and 80 Rugged Leather
10 Thorium Helm from 120 Thorium Bar and 10 Star Ruby
Visit your trainer and learn Blacksmithing Master.
You will have to go to Outland if you want to farm your own ores. Check out my Fel Iron Ore farming guide.
7 Fel Weightstone from 7 Fel Iron Bar and 7 Netherweave Cloth
20 Thorium Leggings from 240 Thorium Bar
Visit my Adamantite Ore farming guide if you want to farm the ores.
Make 10 Lesser Rune of Warding from 10 Adamantite Bar
If Adamantite Bar is cheap on your server you can make this one up to 335.
Create 5 Fel Iron Breastplate from 50 Fel Iron Bar
5 Adamantite Cleaver from 40 Adamantite Bar-Recipe location
Make 35 Lesser Ward of Shielding from 35 Adamantite Bar-Recipe location
Go find the Blacksmithing trainer and learn Grand Master Blacksmithing.
You can also check out the Cobalt Ore farming guide.
Make 10 Cobalt Boots from 40 Cobalt Bar
Craft 10 Cobalt Triangle Shield from 40 Cobalt Bar
5 Cobalt Legplates from 25 Cobalt Bar
Create 5 Cobalt Gauntlets from 25 Cobalt Bar
Create 5 Spiked Cobalt Boots from 35 Cobalt Bar
Make 5 Spiked Cobalt Shoulders from 35 Cobalt Bar
Create 5 Notched Cobalt War Axe from 50 Cobalt Bar
Now it is time to make Saronite Defender or Saronite Protector if Saronite Bar is cheaper than Cobalt Bar.
5 Brilliant Saronite Belt from 30 Cobalt Bar, 25 Saronite Bar
Make 5 Horned Cobalt Helm from 40 Cobalt Bar
If you want to farm the ores visit the Saronite Ore farming guide.
11 Brilliant Saronite Boots from 132 Saronite Bar
5 Tempered Saronite Gauntlets from 70 Saronite Bar
5 Titanium Weapon Chain from 10 Saronite Bar, 5 Titanium Bar
Alchemists can transmute 8 Saronite Bar into 1 Titanium Bar and this transmute doesn’t have a cool-down.
Learn Blacksmithing Illustrious when visiting your trainer.
You can farm your own ores by using the Obsidium Ore farming guide.
Make 78 Folded Obsidium from 156 Obsidium Bar
When you reach 455 stop making these, and make more only if you need them. If you choose different recipes you might need fewer than 78.
Make 4 from any recipe that requires 3 Folded Obsidium.
Almost all of the following items will give you multiple skill-ups per craft!
1 Stormforged Gauntlets from 6 Folded Obsidium, 8 Volatile Earth
Make 8 from any of the following items:
Redsteel Belt, Stormforged Belt, Hardened Obsidium Belt from 32 Folded Obsidium, 8 Volatile Earth
Obsidium Bladespear from 12 Folded Obsidium, 10 Volatile Earth, 4 Volatile Fire
5 Obsidium Skeleton Key from 10 Folded Obsidium
Visit the Elementium Ore farming guide if you want to farm the ores.
3 Stormforged Legguards from 6 Folded Obsidium and 24 Elementium Bar
1 Fire Etched Dagger from 20 Elementium Bar, 12 Volatile Earth and 4 Volatile Fire
2 Stormforged Helm from 40 Elementium Bar and 16 Volatile Earth
You can also make 2 Hardened Obsidium Helm (8 Folded Obsidium, 30 Elementium, 12 Volatile Earth), but I think Elementium is easier to farm than Obsidium.
Visit the trainer and learn Zen Blacksmithing.
Visit the Ghost Iron Ore farming guide if you want to farm Ghost Iron Ore.
1 Ghostly Skeleton Key from 1 Ghost Iron Bar
Don’t skip this is an important step.
5 Ghost-Forged Bracers from 25 Ghost Iron Bar
Make Ghostly Skeleton Key until you reach 526, if you start from 525.
2 Ghost-Forged Belt or 2x Ghost-Forged Gauntlets from 14 Ghost Iron Bar
4 Ghost-Forged Boots from 28 Ghost Iron Bar
1 Lightsteel Shield from 9 Ghost Iron Bar
2 Spiritguard Shield from 18 Ghost Iron Bar
2 Ghost-Forged Helm or 2x Ghost-Forged Breastplate from 24 Ghost Iron Bar
If the Darkmoon Faire is open around there, the event starts at 00:01 on the Sunday before the 1st Monday of each month.
You can gain +5 skill points when completing one quest.
5 Ghost-Forged Shoulders from 35 Ghost Iron Bar
You might need to make 6-8 of these if you are unlucky with the skill gains.
For the last 25 points after you reach 575 you will have to purchase vendor recipes from the Blacksmithing vendor in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. After you complete the quest A Celestial Experience (at least level 87) you can go to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and later find Jorunga Stonehoof (Horde) in Shrine of Two Moons or Cullen Hammerbrow (Alliance) in Shrine of Seven Stars.
You need one Spirit of Harmony to purchase a recipe and you will only have to buy one recipe. The Spirit of Harmony you can get by combining 10 Motes of Harmony. These motes are dropped by every mob in Pandaria, even in dungeons. The drop rate is quite low, so you may need up to 2 hours for 10 motes.
Choose one of the recipes from the Contender’s Armor. It doesn’t matter which one because if one of them requires more Ghost Iron Bar, it will give you more skill points. For this you will have to use from 58 to 64 Ghost Iron Bar.

Good luck and I hope you find this Blacksmithing WoW levelling guide MoP helpful!

WoW Alchemy levelling guide 1 - 600

If you are looking for a good, tested Alchemy levelling guide, look no further. We will show you the fastest way to level your Alchemy skill up from 1 to 600 on lowest possible expenses. The update for this Alchemy levelling guide is for patch 5.4.
With Alchemy your character will learn to create elixirs, oils and potions, this is one of the primary professions. The best way to combine Alchemy is with Herbalism, as than you can provide yourself with the needed materials and it will help you save a lot of gold, because most of the materials you will need are herbs. If you intend to level up Herbalism, check our Herbalism levelling guide. In case you do not want to level Herbalism, make sure you have enough gold or herbs supplies.
Even if you have or intend to level up Herbalism as well, you will need to buy some materials too.

Even though this wow professions leveling guide is for patch 5.4, it can also be a good guideline for lower patches, like 4.3.4.

You can also check the best wow professions for your classes and the best wow professions combinations, choosing the best wow professions combinations will save you a lot of money and time. Also you might consider to level up your character first as to avoid the limitations for the level requirements.
This is another issue to consider as there are wow professions level requirement, if you are still a low level it will take you longer to do this as well as because of the existing level requirements.

One of the best ways of level up profession is doing it while levelling up you character. You can also use some of ours levelling guides.
Alchemy guide skill levels:
1 – 60 Apprentice, 60 – 140 Journeyman, 140 – 205 Expert, 205 – 285 Artisan, 285 – 350 Master, 350 – 425 Grand Master, 425 – 500 Illustrious, 500 – 600 Zen
You will need approximately the materials below for 1-600:
59 Peacebloom, 46 Golden Sansam, 30 Sorrowmoss, 93 Briarthorn, 30 Kingsblood, 20 Mageroyal, 10 Wild Steelbloom, 18 Mountain Silversage, 33 Bruiseweed, 45 Stranglekelp, 20 Liferoot, 40 Gromsblood, 35 Goldthorn, 25 Sungrass, 45 Khadgar’s Whisker, 10 Blindweed, 15 Dreamfoil, 59 Silverleaf, 50 Felweed, 10 Netherbloom, 35 Dreaming Glory, 10 Terocone, 20 Talandra’s Rose, 30 Tiger Lily, 40 Lichbloom, 79 Goldclover, 25 Adder’s Tongue, 5 Pygmy Suckerfish, 20 Icethorn, 60 Cinderbloom, 16 Azshara’s Veil, 10 Stormvine, 5 Twilight Jasmine, 5 Volatile Life, 25 Heartblossom, 100 Green Tea Leaf, 25 Fool’s Cap, 60 Snow Lily, 30-60 Rain Poppy or Silkweed

Alchemy Levelling Guide 1 – 60
Go find the Alchemy trainer and learn Apprentice Alchemy.
You can find Vials at “Alchemy Supplies” vendors, they are usually near the Alchemy trainer.
If you have a Goblin character, use can use the Goblin Alchemy levelling guide instead of this.
Start by creating 59 Minor Healing Potions from 59 Peacebloom and 59 Silverleaf
Keep these as you will need them in the next step of the Alchemy guide.
60 – 140
At this point visit your trainer and learn Alchemy Journeyman.
Create 50 Lesser Healing Potions from 50 Minor Healing Potion and 50 Briarthorn
Make 5 Elixir of Wisdom from 5 Mageroyal and 10 Briarthorn
33 Healing Potions from 33 Bruiseweed and 33 Briarthorn
140 – 205
When reaching 140 visit you trainer and learn Alchemy Expert.
15 Lesser Mana Potions from 15 Mageroyal and 15 Stranglekelp
If you don’t have Stranglekelp make Fire Oil or Firefin Snapper if it is cheap. Or as alternative you could also make more Healing Potion.
Create 20 Greater Healing Potions from 20 Liferoot, 20 Kingsblood
If you made Fire Oil, you can use it to make Elixir of Minor Accuracy.
10 Mana Potions 10 Stranglekelp, 10 Kingsblood
Make more Greater Healing Potion if you don’t have Stranglekelp.
20 Elixir of Agility from 20 Stranglekelp, 20 Goldthorn
25 Elixir of Fortitude from 25 Wild Steelbloom, 25 Goldthorn
Alternatively if you have troubles getting enough Goldthorn, make Mana Potion or Lesser Invisibility Potion up to around 195. These recipes will be yellow.
If you don’t have any Goldthorn at all, you can make Nature Protection Potion between 190-215, check to buy this recipe from the vendors.
205 – 285
Visit you trainer again and learn Alchemy Artisan.
10 Elixir of Greater Defense from 10 Wild Steelbloom and 10 Goldthorn
In case you do don’t have Goldthorn, read the end of the previous section.
25 Superior Healing Potion from 25 Sungrass, 25 Khadgar’s Whisker
If it’s easier for you to get Sungrass instead of Blindweed you can make this one up to 250.
If you are at or above level 85 and you will level Alchemy past 500, you can skip the next step.
Once you reach Alchemy skill 500 you can use Zen Alchemist Stone for transmutes. This trinket is sold by your trainer.
1 Philosopher’s Stone 4 Iron Bar, 1 Black Vitriol, 4 Purple Lotus, 4 Firebloom
Recipe Location
Keep this, you will need it for transmutes.
10 Elixir of Greater Intellect from 10 Khadgar’s Whisker, 10 Blindweed
20 Elixir of Detect Demon from 40 Gromsblood
You can also make Elixir of Greater Intellect or Superior Healing Potion until you reach 265 and Superior Mana Potion for the last 5 points.
In case you can find Stonescale Eel at the Auction House make Stonescale Oil between 250 and 255 then turn those into Elixir of Superior Defense until you reach level 265. The recipe is sold by the NPCs.
15 Elixir of the Sages from 30 Sorrowmoss and 15 Dreamfoil
285 – 350
Learn Alchemy Master from your trainer.
Маке 18 Major Healing Potion from 36 Golden Sansam and 18 Mountain Silversage
It is a good time now to make your Alchemist’s Flask. You will get 5 skill points for making it.
Choose one of the recipes below. You can switch to the next recipe at 310 if you want to.
15 Volatile Healing Potion from 15 Golden Sansam and 15 Felweed
15 Adept’s Elixir from 15 Dreamfoil and 15 Felweed
15 Onslaught Elixir from 15 Mountain Silversage and 15 Felweed
10 Elixir of Healing Power from 10 Golden Sansam and 10 Dreaming Glory
10 Elixir of Draenic Wisdom 10 Terocone and 10 Felweed
Make Mad Alchemist’s Potion if you have a lot of Ragveil
5 Super Healing Potion from 10 Netherbloom and 5 Felweed
Make the previous recipe 5 more times if you don’t have Netherbloom
10 Super Mana Potion from 20 Dreaming Glory and 10 Felweed
Recipe Location
350 – 425
See your trainer and learn Alchemy Grand Master.
10 Resurgent Healing Potion from 20 Goldclover
5 Icy Mana Potion from 10 Talandra’s Rose
10 Spellpower Elixir from 10 Goldclover and 10 Tiger Lily
5 Pygmy Oil from 5 Pygmy Suckerfish
You can make this one up to 385 and skip the next part of the guide
5 Potion of Nightmares from 5 Goldclover and 10 Talandra’s Rose
10 Elixir of Mighty Strength from 20 Tiger Lily
This recipe will be yellow for the last 5 points, you might need to make more than 10.
When you reach 400, you can make a Northrend Alchemy Research and your Alchemy Trinket, so you will need to craft fewer potions.
12 Elixir of Mighty Agility 24 Goldclover and 24 Adder’s Tongue
10 Indestructible Potion from 20 Icethorn
This recipe turns green at 422, so you might need to make more than 20.
20 Runic Mana Potion from 20 Goldclover and 40 Lichbloom
425 – 500
Visit your trainer and learn Alchemy Illustrious.
27 Draught of War from 27 Cinderbloom
5 Ghost Elixir from 10 Cinderbloom
5 Deathblood Venom from 10 Stormvine
5 Volcanic Potion from 5 Cinderbloom and 5 Azshara’s Veil
11 Elixir of the Cobra from 11 Cinderbloom and 11 Azshara’s Veil
You can also make Deepstone Oil between 470-475 and then turn the Deepstone Oils into Mysterious Potion. This should get you until around 477 with this method.
Once you reach an Alchemy skill level of 475, you may begin a quest to learn one of three specializations: Potions, Elixirs or Transmutations. Being specialized gives you a chance to create an extra 1 to 4 (for a total 5) items while crafting in the field you have selected. For example, a Master of Potions may be able to craft more than one Super Mana Potion for the same material cost as one.
5 Elixir of Deep Earth from 10 Heartblossom
10 Elixir of Impossible Accuracy from 10 Heartblossom and 10 Cinderbloom
Make Mythical Mana Potion if Whiptail is cheaper than Heartblossom.
5 Golemblood Potion from 5 Heartblossom and 5 Volatile Life
5 Mythical Healing Potion from 5 Twilight Jasmine
500 – 600
Visit your trainer and learn Zen Alchemy.
You will notice some significant changes to the levelling from this point. The trainers will only teach you 2 Pandarian recipes at 500 skill, which are used to unlock additional recipes. As a result there is quite a flexibility in the leveling up from this point.
If you want to farm Green Tea Leaf, visit the Green Tea Leaf farming guide. You can also find farming guides on here for every herbs in Pandaria.
Make 40 Alchemist’s Rejuvenation or Master Healing Potion from 40 Green Tea Leaf
It is time to make your trinket Zen Alchemist Stone if you need it.
After you get to level 530 you must have discovered about 5-8 new recipes. Start levelling with the once using Green Tea Leaf as they are easy to find and will probably be cheap to buy.
How to determine which potions to make:
Green Tea Leaf > Silkweed > Rain Poppy > Snow Lily > Fool’s Cap
You will need around 25 from each of these herbs: Green Tea Leaf, Snow Lily and Fool’s Cap. You will need them to reach 600 from 575 when you discover the new Mana Potion recipe. It will be the only orange recipe that you can use.
If you have loads of Green Tea Leaf, you could just make the previous potions until you keep discovering new recipes. If after making a green potion around 8 times there is no new discovery, you stop making it and start making a higher level potion in the list below.
Below is a priority list of the recipes you probably discovered, the best recipe you can get is normally Mantid Elixir. This list is based on how hard is to get a particular herb, but obviously if you have 20 Green Tea Leaf and 150 Rain Poppy, you should make a potion that use 2 Rain Poppy.
Select one to make depending on the materials that you have.
1. 15 Mantid Elixir from 30 Green Tea Leaf
2. 15 Potion of the Jade Serpent from 15 Green Tea Leaf, 15 Silkweed
3. 15 Elixir of Weaponry from 30 Silkweed
4. 15 Potion of the Mountains from 15 Green Tea Leaf, 15 Rain Poppy
5. 15 Mad Hozen Elixir from 30 Rain Poppy
Choose one, the easiest for you to make.
35 Virmen’s Bite from 35 Snow Lily and 35 Green Tea Leaf
35 Elixir of Perfection 35 Snow Lily and 35 Silkweed
35 Elixir of the Rapids 35 Snow Lily and 35 Rain Poppy
There are 3 other potions that you can discover, they require Fool’s Cap instead of Snow lily, so if you have loads of Fool’s Cap, you can make those potions instead.
When around 570-580, you will discover Master Mana Potion. When you get the recipe, you begin making it if your skill is at around 575, but go no higher than 577.
In case you had no luck and could not discover this recipe, continue making the previous recipes, or any other transmute recipe.
25 Master Mana Potion from 25 Green Tea Leaf, 25 Snow Lily and 25 Fool’s Cap.

Good luck and I hope you find this Alchemy levelling guide helpful!

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