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WoW Alchemy leveling guide 1-600

WoW Alchemy levelling guide 1 - 600

If you are looking for a good, tested Alchemy levelling guide, look no further. We will show you the fastest way to level your Alchemy skill up from 1 to 600 on lowest possible expenses. The update for this Alchemy levelling guide is for patch 5.4.
With Alchemy your character will learn to create elixirs, oils and potions, this is one of the primary professions. The best way to combine Alchemy is with Herbalism, as than you can provide yourself with the needed materials and it will help you save a lot of gold, because most of the materials you will need are herbs. If you intend to level up Herbalism, check our Herbalism levelling guide. In case you do not want to level Herbalism, make sure you have enough gold or herbs supplies.
Even if you have or intend to level up Herbalism as well, you will need to buy some materials too.

Even though this wow professions leveling guide is for patch 5.4, it can also be a good guideline for lower patches, like 4.3.4.

You can also check the best wow professions for your classes and the best wow professions combinations, choosing the best wow professions combinations will save you a lot of money and time. Also you might consider to level up your character first as to avoid the limitations for the level requirements.
This is another issue to consider as there are wow professions level requirement, if you are still a low level it will take you longer to do this as well as because of the existing level requirements.

One of the best ways of level up profession is doing it while levelling up you character. You can also use some of ours levelling guides.
Alchemy guide skill levels:
1 – 60 Apprentice, 60 – 140 Journeyman, 140 – 205 Expert, 205 – 285 Artisan, 285 – 350 Master, 350 – 425 Grand Master, 425 – 500 Illustrious, 500 – 600 Zen
You will need approximately the materials below for 1-600:
59 Peacebloom, 46 Golden Sansam, 30 Sorrowmoss, 93 Briarthorn, 30 Kingsblood, 20 Mageroyal, 10 Wild Steelbloom, 18 Mountain Silversage, 33 Bruiseweed, 45 Stranglekelp, 20 Liferoot, 40 Gromsblood, 35 Goldthorn, 25 Sungrass, 45 Khadgar’s Whisker, 10 Blindweed, 15 Dreamfoil, 59 Silverleaf, 50 Felweed, 10 Netherbloom, 35 Dreaming Glory, 10 Terocone, 20 Talandra’s Rose, 30 Tiger Lily, 40 Lichbloom, 79 Goldclover, 25 Adder’s Tongue, 5 Pygmy Suckerfish, 20 Icethorn, 60 Cinderbloom, 16 Azshara’s Veil, 10 Stormvine, 5 Twilight Jasmine, 5 Volatile Life, 25 Heartblossom, 100 Green Tea Leaf, 25 Fool’s Cap, 60 Snow Lily, 30-60 Rain Poppy or Silkweed

Alchemy Levelling Guide 1 – 60
Go find the Alchemy trainer and learn Apprentice Alchemy.
You can find Vials at “Alchemy Supplies” vendors, they are usually near the Alchemy trainer.
If you have a Goblin character, use can use the Goblin Alchemy levelling guide instead of this.
Start by creating 59 Minor Healing Potions from 59 Peacebloom and 59 Silverleaf
Keep these as you will need them in the next step of the Alchemy guide.
60 – 140
At this point visit your trainer and learn Alchemy Journeyman.
Create 50 Lesser Healing Potions from 50 Minor Healing Potion and 50 Briarthorn
Make 5 Elixir of Wisdom from 5 Mageroyal and 10 Briarthorn
33 Healing Potions from 33 Bruiseweed and 33 Briarthorn
140 – 205
When reaching 140 visit you trainer and learn Alchemy Expert.
15 Lesser Mana Potions from 15 Mageroyal and 15 Stranglekelp
If you don’t have Stranglekelp make Fire Oil or Firefin Snapper if it is cheap. Or as alternative you could also make more Healing Potion.
Create 20 Greater Healing Potions from 20 Liferoot, 20 Kingsblood
If you made Fire Oil, you can use it to make Elixir of Minor Accuracy.
10 Mana Potions 10 Stranglekelp, 10 Kingsblood
Make more Greater Healing Potion if you don’t have Stranglekelp.
20 Elixir of Agility from 20 Stranglekelp, 20 Goldthorn
25 Elixir of Fortitude from 25 Wild Steelbloom, 25 Goldthorn
Alternatively if you have troubles getting enough Goldthorn, make Mana Potion or Lesser Invisibility Potion up to around 195. These recipes will be yellow.
If you don’t have any Goldthorn at all, you can make Nature Protection Potion between 190-215, check to buy this recipe from the vendors.
205 – 285
Visit you trainer again and learn Alchemy Artisan.
10 Elixir of Greater Defense from 10 Wild Steelbloom and 10 Goldthorn
In case you do don’t have Goldthorn, read the end of the previous section.
25 Superior Healing Potion from 25 Sungrass, 25 Khadgar’s Whisker
If it’s easier for you to get Sungrass instead of Blindweed you can make this one up to 250.
If you are at or above level 85 and you will level Alchemy past 500, you can skip the next step.
Once you reach Alchemy skill 500 you can use Zen Alchemist Stone for transmutes. This trinket is sold by your trainer.
1 Philosopher’s Stone 4 Iron Bar, 1 Black Vitriol, 4 Purple Lotus, 4 Firebloom
Recipe Location
Keep this, you will need it for transmutes.
10 Elixir of Greater Intellect from 10 Khadgar’s Whisker, 10 Blindweed
20 Elixir of Detect Demon from 40 Gromsblood
You can also make Elixir of Greater Intellect or Superior Healing Potion until you reach 265 and Superior Mana Potion for the last 5 points.
In case you can find Stonescale Eel at the Auction House make Stonescale Oil between 250 and 255 then turn those into Elixir of Superior Defense until you reach level 265. The recipe is sold by the NPCs.
15 Elixir of the Sages from 30 Sorrowmoss and 15 Dreamfoil
285 – 350
Learn Alchemy Master from your trainer.
Маке 18 Major Healing Potion from 36 Golden Sansam and 18 Mountain Silversage
It is a good time now to make your Alchemist’s Flask. You will get 5 skill points for making it.
Choose one of the recipes below. You can switch to the next recipe at 310 if you want to.
15 Volatile Healing Potion from 15 Golden Sansam and 15 Felweed
15 Adept’s Elixir from 15 Dreamfoil and 15 Felweed
15 Onslaught Elixir from 15 Mountain Silversage and 15 Felweed
10 Elixir of Healing Power from 10 Golden Sansam and 10 Dreaming Glory
10 Elixir of Draenic Wisdom 10 Terocone and 10 Felweed
Make Mad Alchemist’s Potion if you have a lot of Ragveil
5 Super Healing Potion from 10 Netherbloom and 5 Felweed
Make the previous recipe 5 more times if you don’t have Netherbloom
10 Super Mana Potion from 20 Dreaming Glory and 10 Felweed
Recipe Location
350 – 425
See your trainer and learn Alchemy Grand Master.
10 Resurgent Healing Potion from 20 Goldclover
5 Icy Mana Potion from 10 Talandra’s Rose
10 Spellpower Elixir from 10 Goldclover and 10 Tiger Lily
5 Pygmy Oil from 5 Pygmy Suckerfish
You can make this one up to 385 and skip the next part of the guide
5 Potion of Nightmares from 5 Goldclover and 10 Talandra’s Rose
10 Elixir of Mighty Strength from 20 Tiger Lily
This recipe will be yellow for the last 5 points, you might need to make more than 10.
When you reach 400, you can make a Northrend Alchemy Research and your Alchemy Trinket, so you will need to craft fewer potions.
12 Elixir of Mighty Agility 24 Goldclover and 24 Adder’s Tongue
10 Indestructible Potion from 20 Icethorn
This recipe turns green at 422, so you might need to make more than 20.
20 Runic Mana Potion from 20 Goldclover and 40 Lichbloom
425 – 500
Visit your trainer and learn Alchemy Illustrious.
27 Draught of War from 27 Cinderbloom
5 Ghost Elixir from 10 Cinderbloom
5 Deathblood Venom from 10 Stormvine
5 Volcanic Potion from 5 Cinderbloom and 5 Azshara’s Veil
11 Elixir of the Cobra from 11 Cinderbloom and 11 Azshara’s Veil
You can also make Deepstone Oil between 470-475 and then turn the Deepstone Oils into Mysterious Potion. This should get you until around 477 with this method.
Once you reach an Alchemy skill level of 475, you may begin a quest to learn one of three specializations: Potions, Elixirs or Transmutations. Being specialized gives you a chance to create an extra 1 to 4 (for a total 5) items while crafting in the field you have selected. For example, a Master of Potions may be able to craft more than one Super Mana Potion for the same material cost as one.
5 Elixir of Deep Earth from 10 Heartblossom
10 Elixir of Impossible Accuracy from 10 Heartblossom and 10 Cinderbloom
Make Mythical Mana Potion if Whiptail is cheaper than Heartblossom.
5 Golemblood Potion from 5 Heartblossom and 5 Volatile Life
5 Mythical Healing Potion from 5 Twilight Jasmine
500 – 600
Visit your trainer and learn Zen Alchemy.
You will notice some significant changes to the levelling from this point. The trainers will only teach you 2 Pandarian recipes at 500 skill, which are used to unlock additional recipes. As a result there is quite a flexibility in the leveling up from this point.
If you want to farm Green Tea Leaf, visit the Green Tea Leaf farming guide. You can also find farming guides on here for every herbs in Pandaria.
Make 40 Alchemist’s Rejuvenation or Master Healing Potion from 40 Green Tea Leaf
It is time to make your trinket Zen Alchemist Stone if you need it.
After you get to level 530 you must have discovered about 5-8 new recipes. Start levelling with the once using Green Tea Leaf as they are easy to find and will probably be cheap to buy.
How to determine which potions to make:
Green Tea Leaf > Silkweed > Rain Poppy > Snow Lily > Fool’s Cap
You will need around 25 from each of these herbs: Green Tea Leaf, Snow Lily and Fool’s Cap. You will need them to reach 600 from 575 when you discover the new Mana Potion recipe. It will be the only orange recipe that you can use.
If you have loads of Green Tea Leaf, you could just make the previous potions until you keep discovering new recipes. If after making a green potion around 8 times there is no new discovery, you stop making it and start making a higher level potion in the list below.
Below is a priority list of the recipes you probably discovered, the best recipe you can get is normally Mantid Elixir. This list is based on how hard is to get a particular herb, but obviously if you have 20 Green Tea Leaf and 150 Rain Poppy, you should make a potion that use 2 Rain Poppy.
Select one to make depending on the materials that you have.
1. 15 Mantid Elixir from 30 Green Tea Leaf
2. 15 Potion of the Jade Serpent from 15 Green Tea Leaf, 15 Silkweed
3. 15 Elixir of Weaponry from 30 Silkweed
4. 15 Potion of the Mountains from 15 Green Tea Leaf, 15 Rain Poppy
5. 15 Mad Hozen Elixir from 30 Rain Poppy
Choose one, the easiest for you to make.
35 Virmen’s Bite from 35 Snow Lily and 35 Green Tea Leaf
35 Elixir of Perfection 35 Snow Lily and 35 Silkweed
35 Elixir of the Rapids 35 Snow Lily and 35 Rain Poppy
There are 3 other potions that you can discover, they require Fool’s Cap instead of Snow lily, so if you have loads of Fool’s Cap, you can make those potions instead.
When around 570-580, you will discover Master Mana Potion. When you get the recipe, you begin making it if your skill is at around 575, but go no higher than 577.
In case you had no luck and could not discover this recipe, continue making the previous recipes, or any other transmute recipe.
25 Master Mana Potion from 25 Green Tea Leaf, 25 Snow Lily and 25 Fool’s Cap.

Good luck and I hope you find this Alchemy levelling guide helpful!

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