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WoW Inscription Leveling Guide 1-600

WoW Inscription leveling guide

The Inscription leveling guide is updated to for WoW patch 5.4 and it will be of big help for you to level up your profession starting from 1 to 600, the guide’s main focus is to show you how to level the Inscription profession, if you are looking for more detailed information about Inscription, read the Inscription guide.
Best is to combine the Inscription with Herbalism, check out the Herbalism levelling guide if you want to level Herbalism.
You can use Milling to mill 5 herbs for 2-4 pigments.
Ivory Ink/Moonglow Ink from Alabaster Pigment-Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot
Midnight Ink from Dusky Pigment / Verdant Pigment-Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp
Lion’s Ink-Golden Pigment / Burnt Pigment from Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot
Jadefire Ink-Emerald Pigment / Indigo Pigment from Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar’s Whiskers, Dragon’s Teeth
Celestial Ink-Violet Pigment / Ruby Pigment from Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas’Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood
Shimmering Ink-Silvery Pigment / Sapphire Pigment from Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Sorrowmoss, Icecap
Ethereal Ink-Nether Pigment / Ebon Pigment from Felweed, Ragveil,Terocone, Ancient Lichen, Nightmare Vine, Netherbloom, Mana Thistle, Dreaming Glory
Ink of Sea-Azure Pigment / Icy Pigment from Icethorn, Lichbloom, Fire Leaf, Fire Seed, Tiger Lily, Adder’s Tongue, Deadnettle, Goldclover, Talandra’s Rose
Blackfallow Ink-Ashen Pigment / Burning Embers from Azshara’s Veil, Cinderbloom, Deathspore Pod, Heartblossom, Stormvine, Twilight Jasmine, Whiptail
Ink of Dreams-Shadow Pigment / Misty Pigment from Green Tea Leaf, Rain Poppy, Silkweed, Snow Lily, Fool’s Cap
If you are milling your own herbs, you should buy only Cinderbloom and Stormvine first because those can can be milled at skill 425. Skill 450 also allows Azshara’s Veil and Heartblossom to be milled and you will be able to mill Twilight Jasmine and Whiptail at 475.
Inscription guide sections:
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 75-125
Expert 125-200
Artisan 200-290
Master 290-350
Grand Master 350-425
Illustrious 425-500
Zen 500-600
Approximate Materials Required for 1-600 :
Don’t mill every herb, you shall use less than these. Mill them only if you need more pigment.
110 Alabaster Pigment giving herbs
70 Dusky Pigment giving herbs
170 Golden Pigment giving herbs
170 Emerald Pigment giving herbs
160 Violet Pigment giving herbs
80 Silvery Pigment giving herbs
160 Nether Pigment giving herbs
400 Azure Pigment giving herbs
140 Ashen Pigment giving herbs
320 Shadow Pigment giving herbs
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You can select to do any orange recipes and requires the same number of materials. There are many other Glyphs and Scroll that you can choose from.
Start by visiting the Inscription trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth and learn Inscription.
Note that 1 Ink of Dreams can be exchanged for any Ink at Ink traders! You can level up Inscription by using only Ink of Dreams if it is cheaper than the lower level herbs. Using Ink of Dreams is also a lot faster.
Light Parchment is not listed in the guide at the recipes. You can usually buy it from the vendor, check around your trainer.
18 Ivory Ink from 18 Alabaster Pigment
16 Scroll of Stamina from 16 Ivory Ink
22 Moonglow Ink from 44 Alabaster Pigment
22 Enchanting Vellum from 22 Moonglow Ink
Visit you trainer and learn Inscription Journeyman.
21 Midnight Ink from 42 Dusky Pigment
Aim to make always orange glyphs. In some cases Glyphs turn yellow after one craft, in other 2 or 3 crafts, so pay attention to this. Each orange Glyph will give you 3 skill-up points.
Make any Glyph that is orange to you.
7 Glyph of…. from 21 Midnight Ink
40 Lion’s Ink from 80 Golden Pigment
Make any orange Glyph if you did not reach 105 by making these.
7 Glyph of … from 21 Lion’s Ink
Learn Inscription Expert.
Turn your Burnt Pigments into Dawnstar Ink. If you didn’t mill your own herbs and you don’t have Burnt Pigment, you shall make some Glyph which shall be orange.
6 Glyph of … from 18 Lion’s Ink
Make only 1 Book of Survival. You could also create a few Strange Tarrot and a few yellow Glyphs until you get to 150 if you don’t have 5 Dawnstar Ink.
39 Jadefire Ink from 78 Emerald Pigment
7 Glyph of … from 21 Jadefire Ink
5 Royal Ink from 5 Indigo Pigment
Make Glyphs if you don’t have Indigo Pigment, or you didn’t get any skill point from making Royal Ink.
6 Glyph of … from 18 Jadefire Ink
Make 1 Tome of Kings, or a some Arcane Tarrot and a few Glyphs until you get to 200 if you don’t have any Royal Ink.
Learn Inscription Artisan.
39 Celestial Ink from 78 Violet Pigment
7 Glyph of … from 21 Celestial Ink
5 Fiery Ink from 5 Ruby Pigment
228- 246
6 Glyph of … from 18 Celestial Ink
1 Book of Stars-5 Fiery Ink
24 Shimmering Ink from 48 Silvery Pigment
8 Glyph of … from 24 Shimmering Ink
8 Ink of Sky from 8 Sapphire Pigment
In case you don’t have 8 Sapphire Pigment, make Glyphs.
1 Stormbound Tome from 8 Ink of the Sky
Make Glyphs if you don’t have Ink of the Sky.
Learn Inscription Master.
48 Ethereal Ink from 96 Nether Pigment
7 Glyph of … from 21 Ethereal Ink
6 Darkflame Ink from 6 Ebon Pigment
1 Book of Clever Tricks from 6 Darkflame Ink
6 Glyph of … from 18 Ethereal Ink
Learn Inscription Grand Master.
100 Ink of Sea from 200 Azure Pigment
Make any orange Glyph which requires 3 Etheral Inks to make.
6 Glyph of… from 18 Ink of the Sea
Snowfall Ink from Icy Pigment
Now it is good to use all the rare pigment available. Keep the extra Snowfall Ink for Northrend Inscription Research. To learn most “Northrend” glyphs, you will have to do research.
Very important is to stop making this recipe at 379! Make any orange Glyph if you don’t have Icy Pigment.
2 Glyph of… from 6 Ink of the Sea
1 Northrend Inscription Research from 3 Ink of the Sea, Snowfall Ink
15 Any Discovered Major Glyph from 45 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Stamina VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Spirit VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Intellect VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Stength VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
5 Scroll of Agility VIII from 5 Ink of the Sea
Visit your trainer and learn Inscription Illustrious.
30 Blackfallow Ink from 60 Ashen Pigment
5 Scroll of Intellect IX from 5 Blackfallow Ink
10 Mysterious Fortune Card from 10 Blackfallow Ink
5 Scroll of Stamina IX from 5 Blackfallow Ink
2 Glyph of Colossus Smash from 6 Blackfallow Ink
4 Scroll of Agility IX from 4 Blackfallow Ink
Turn all your Burning Embers into Inferno Ink. If you don’t have any Burning Ember, just Dust of Disappearance up to 480.
Go to Vashj’ir-Kelp’thar Forest. Kill mobs there until you get Technique: Origami Slime. The drop rate is good, quite high. The recipe will be green, but it needs only Light Parchment to make, which you can buy from Inscription supply vendors. In case you don’t want to farm this technique, you can make the recipe below, or any Monk Glyph that is orange to you.
15 Dust of Disappearance from 15 Blackfallow Ink.
Go to Deepholm and kill these mobs until you get Technique: Origami Rock
The drop rate is good, but if you are not in a mood, you can make orange Monk glyps. Beter do the Origami because it’s really cheap to make.
Visit your trainer and learn Zen Inscription.
54 Ink of Dreams from 108 Shadow Pigment
You have to turn all your Misty Pigment into Starlight Ink.
There is a good chance that you can reach even 545 by making the Inks, after that stop making them and only make more if you need them.
1 Scroll of Wisdom from 3 Ink of Dreams
While making a Scroll of Wisdom, you will find out a new Glyph recipe.
18 make you glyphs that you discovered while making Scroll of Wisdow from 54 Ink of Dreams
From 36 Glyphs, you can discover a some that you can need different ink for. In case you discover some of these and you already got Ink of Dreams, in that case you can trade Ink of Dreams for any ink at Ink traders!
Should your main goal be to get any of the epic Insciption items like Inscribed Serpent Staff, you can than stop making the Gylphs at 560 because you will reach 600 by making the materials for the epic items. (like 20 Scroll of Wisdow). Good to know the staffs alone will gibe you 30 more skill points if you decide to make them.
Good to make any shoulder enchant 3 times and you shall reach level 600.

Good luck and I hope you find this Engineering levelling guide helpful!

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